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Living in the moment…

New years resolution

Every year (and I am sure I am not the only one) I convince myself that I will not make any new year’s resolutions. And guess what, I end up with a complete list… E.V.E.R.Y. time. For 2016 I have decided to try a different approach.

New years resolution - New day

A while ago I saw the film The Last Samurai and there is a scene in it that has stayed with me ever since. The young Samurais are training outside in the rain, I understood that the rain was an analogy for the pain of the samurai’s son grieving his father’s death. But to me it meant more than this, it highlighted how much we have been conditioned to believe that a bright sunny day and a blue sky is synonymous with a good day, where we should enjoy the outdoors, be full of life and happy. Whilst on a rainy day we should be miserable, stay indoors, watch TV or lose ourselves on our devices but certainly not run freely outside and enjoy the weather.

New years resolution - New day

The last few weeks the rain has been pretty fierce and I now wonder could this be a collective belief creating the projection of how we perceive rain? Should we reprogram ourselves to live in the moment and not to wait for a sunny day?

New years resolution - New day

With this in mind I went for walk, took my camera and snapped along. And I tell you what, it is incredibly beautiful out there, the ever changing light, the sparkling water droplets hanging on to the rusted barbwire, the ever resilient leaf still hanging alone on the cherry tree having survived the gusty winter wind.

So come on go out there, live the moment, be grateful, simply enjoy 🙂

New years resolution - New day

Wishing you all a happy New Year and a truly seasonal greeting.

New years resolution - New day
Voilà… C’est la vie… ♥♥♥

“In spring the snows will melt and the passes will open. Until that time, you are here”

Katsumoto – The Last Samurai


New years resolution - New day

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