About F&B

MEMy name is Virginie Bonvalet – soon to be Forward since I am engaged to my gorgeous man: Phil. So together we are F&B [Forward and Bonvalet!], born and raised in the South of France, growing up on the beach amongst artists and fishermen 🙂 I came to England in my twenties for a short break and guest what… I am still here!!!!

I work in a Creative Agency, with an immense passion for food – But I am definitely not a chef, I am a home cook with a love for entertaining, a slight “bobo” bourgeois bohemian style, with a brit twist – allowing me to create lovely tables where we can welcome our friends and family in our Buckinghamshire home. My favourite noise is the one  I often hear: my friends and guests making Oooooohhs and Aaaaaahhhs as they taste the food I keep bringing out on the table :). Consequently everyone around me is  asking me to write my recipes down or to do something with all those inventions…

So after many attempts I am finally throwing myself in a blog – the main purpose is to make people happy by sharing my little life experiences 🙂

I hope you will ENJOY the simplicity of a quick and easy meal, my reviews on all my favourite products and perhaps sometime a little bit of wisdom

And Voilà… Bon appetit! ♥♥♥

{Virginie Bonvalet’s life on a keyboard (soon to be Forward-Bonvalet) – Aspiring to share a bobo chic experience with the big old world!}


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  2. Hi Virginie,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is beautiful and I can’t wait to try some of the recipes.
    ms mary p

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