Author: Virginie Bonvalet



Yippee it’s nearly summer… let’s celebrate by bringing beautiful delicate petal to cheer up our plates. For so long we have been eating herbs but only few of us have been brave enough to add flowers to our dishes. Perhaps if one knew which flowers to eat then they would take the leap. To begin with, unless stated NEVER use flowers that has not been grown organically for  consumption; they will be full of pesticide and a definite no no! Having a garden is great but not indispensable, a windowsill or hanging pots are ample space to grow an organic source of deliciousness. There is more than 250 species of flowers which are comestible… but I have chosen my favourites to keep things simple. Let’s start with pansies. I must admit the flavours is subtle with a delicate hazelnut note, but the colourfulness and areas of varieties makes it my first choice. It can be simply added as decoration to a cake, thrown in salad to give it that little “power flower” or added to Fromage Frais to …

Gluten dairy sugar free pancake

Gluten, Sugar & Dairy Free Pancakes For Mardi Gras

For those who do not know (and this included me until I looked into this today 🙂 ) Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras in France and Louisiana, which directly translated means Fat Tuesday, is the first day of lent and the day of gorging before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season. Now I am not much into gorging and even though I was brought up Catholic nowadays I do not subscribe to any religion, I just believe in love and respect… But I still celebrate pancake day 🙂 even though that here in the UK we don’t have a carnival… As I try to avoid gluten as much as possible  (it upsets my tummy 😦 ) I  wanted to find an alternative and then remembered my Maman using chestnut flour when we were little. I have also used almond milk for the simple reason that I thought the almond and chestnut flavours would marry really well, and you know what… it was delicious. We tried it with avocado for a savoury light lunch and with a squeeze of lemon …

Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub

Detoxing Grapefruit & Pink Himalayan Salt Exfoliation

I recently saw a documentary stating that taking antioxidant-rich product is not so good after all Argghhhhhhhh!!!!! Stop confusing us! Having said that, the logic really made sense whereby our body is perfect. Yippee!!! And that if you take a large dose of antioxidant and I quote: ” your body will show a sharp spike in blood glucose… the body has a mechanism to deal with such a sudden rise, and extra antioxidants in the blood are removed quickly from the blood. This is an example of a process called homeostasis, where the body works to return its antioxidant levels to the ideal.” view source This got me thinking and I have now decided to add a new addition to my blog which I thought I’d call: Art De Vivre, a place to share tips on wellbeing, beauty and where I will attempt to inspire feeling good, inside & out. So let’s begin by using those antioxidants on the outside 🙂 My passion for herbs and spices will still be fulfilled, and I can have a little play with making my own beauty potions! Don’t …