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Whole-wheat and buckwheat pasta

Wholemeal & Buckwheat Pasta

This week under the Bare Essentials spotlight: a possible cure to a miserable summer Pasta Making Is this the worst summer ever??? I think YES 😦 On the bright side since we cannot go out it is perfect for all those things you always wanted to do and never got to do… Like using this pasta maker that I bought at least a year ago… When I was watching Saturday’s kitchen and James Martin was talking about pasta, he stated that the secret to easy pasta is double zero flour…. well I obviously like a challenge 🙂  I have never made pasta before, but since I have eliminated most refined food from my diet I thought go for it…. So I made wholemeal and buckwheat pasta and do you know what, the result was yummy, not your typical smooth pasta that you get in a pack but a more wholesome more grainy pasta. I actually loved the texture. I managed to make it fairly thin and served it with a seafood sauce. It did take hours!!! Unfortunately by the time …

Bare essentials: I ♥ Maca

This week under the Bare Essentials spotlight: the miracle superfood Maca If you haven’t heard about it yet, then you will soon, and I am sure most of you will go… Oh please not another superfood! but please trust me this IS awesome. My partner has been using this for the last 6 months and I have been having it occasionally in my smoothie for breakfast. Now I have recently been diagnosed with Labyrinthitis, an inner ear infection, affecting my hearing and balance. I feel like I’ve been on a boat for the past week… So I am on a quest for any natural remedies to combat viral infection, to give me back some energy and to strengthen my immune system. I will try to share my findings and try to record my results as best as I can, but first I would like to make a major disclaimer, I am not a doctor,  a nutritionist nor a health guru, this is my experience only and should not replace any treatments that you might have been prescribed… basically if it does not work for you …

Bare essentials: I ♥ Camargue Rice

This week under the Bare Essentials spotlight: the rich Camargue Red Rice Camargue red rice is a rice cultivated in the marshes of the Camargue region of southern France. This rice is grown  organically, its production is protected and can only be produced in 15 towns in the Bouches-du-Rhône and Gard. Red rice  is harvesting when in full maturity to preserve the subtle taste of the grain. It is then dried under the faithful eye of the southern French sun and my favourite wind; Mistral. Which in turn gives the grain its unusual texture and nutty flavour.