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Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub

Detoxing Grapefruit & Pink Himalayan Salt Exfoliation

I recently saw a documentary stating that taking antioxidant-rich product is not so good after all Argghhhhhhhh!!!!! Stop confusing us! Having said that, the logic really made sense whereby our body is perfect. Yippee!!! And that if you take a large dose of antioxidant and I quote: ” your body will show a sharp spike in blood glucose… the body has a mechanism to deal with such a sudden rise, and extra antioxidants in the blood are removed quickly from the blood. This is an example of a process called homeostasis, where the body works to return its antioxidant levels to the ideal.” view source This got me thinking and I have now decided to add a new addition to my blog which I thought I’d call: Art De Vivre, a place to share tips on wellbeing, beauty and where I will attempt to inspire feeling good, inside & out. So let’s begin by using those antioxidants on the outside 🙂 My passion for herbs and spices will still be fulfilled, and I can have a little play with making my own beauty potions! Don’t …

Elemis - Bobbi Brown - Clarins

Latest Online Spree

When i was a little girl my brother and I would search through all the newspapers and magazines to find free sample coupons. Our favourite was Yves Rocher. They used to give so much away and Marco and I would get super excited when the parcel arrived. We LOVED receiving parcels, didn’t really care about the content but it was the simple idea of le facteur (post man) coming into our drive and receiving a box filled with secrets and making stories about what treasures would be inside… Now  you can imagine how much of an advocate I am of online shopping 🙂 it’s a little bit like Xmas every day!!!! So I decided to share my latest purchase with you guys (BTW I am not counting Ocado delivery, Amazon random bits and pieces etc… And YES I am a massive consumer!!!). I have purchased 3 products: Bobbi Brown – Buffing Grains for Face Clarins – Huile “Tonic” Elemis – Tri-enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash