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Yippee it’s nearly summer… let’s celebrate by bringing beautiful delicate petal to cheer up our plates. For so long we have been eating herbs but only few of us have been brave enough to add flowers to our dishes. Perhaps if one knew which flowers to eat then they would take the leap. To begin with, unless stated NEVER use flowers that has not been grown organically for  consumption; they will be full of pesticide and a definite no no! Having a garden is great but not indispensable, a windowsill or hanging pots are ample space to grow an organic source of deliciousness. There is more than 250 species of flowers which are comestible… but I have chosen my favourites to keep things simple. Let’s start with pansies. I must admit the flavours is subtle with a delicate hazelnut note, but the colourfulness and areas of varieties makes it my first choice. It can be simply added as decoration to a cake, thrown in salad to give it that little “power flower” or added to Fromage Frais to …

Strawberry Speculoos Verrine

Before we begin I will need to clear something up… As I mentioned before I have a few fussy eaters amongst my closest friends { you know who you are 🙂 } who worry a lot about eating raw eggs. This is something which in the UK started quite sometime ago and I can tell you guys it is absolutely safe nowadays as long as you use FRESH approved eggs. I found a really interesting article for those who are interested in the matter and would like to read on…. Now warning aside we can begin to enjoy this yummy summer dessert.