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Sea Bass En Papillotte

Right so February is almost at its end and I have not posted anything for weeks –  this month as been crazy and I really think that hibernation should be compulsory. February is too cold, too dark and too looooooong ( how does that work since it is the shortest month in the year!!!!) Anyhow we are nearly at the end of it – Yippeeeeee!!!!!! So I though I choose the next dish to be  a reminder of the spring. But still something you can enjoy by the fire… so here it is the simplest dish EVER….   Serves 2 What you will need: 2  Small Whole Seabass Few Sprigs Of Rosemary 1 Lemon – Sliced Salt & Pepper A Small Glass of White Wine A Drizzle Of Olive Oil Baking Parchment Step 1 Preheat oven to Gas 6, 200°C, fan180°C. (Make sure you get your fishmonger to prep it for you and especially scale it) Step 2 Cut 2 squares of baking parchment, each large enough to wrap around  the Seabass – Lay the fish on top …

Roasted Tomato & Paprika Soup

Serves 4 What you will need: 8 tomatoes on the vine A tin of chopped tomatoes 2 small red onions 2 garlic gloves 1 cup of fresh basil leaves 3 bay leaves 2 springs of thyme (can be dried) 4 springs of rosemary 1 spoon of bouillon 1 teaspoon of paprika Olive oil Step 1 Line an oven tray with foil, cut the tomatoes in half and lay on the tray, drizzle with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper cook in the oven at 180° for 45minutes Step 2 Chopped the onions and cook in a pan with olive oil, the paprika, bay leaves, thyme, and rosemary and cook until golden brown Step 3 Add the tin of tomatoes using the same tin fill with water and bouillon and add to the pan, add the garlic crushed and the basil roughly chopped cooked for a further 45minutes. Step 4 Remove the thyme bay leaves and its ready to eat – I have chosen not to blitz this soup, I really like the texture …

Sardine Rillettes (Kind of Pâté)

Serves 2 What you will need 1 tin of sardines 25gr of butter [about 2 fingers width – if you use President butter you will see that it is marked… Handy :)] Salt and pepper A nice crusty bread Step 1 In a bowl mix the butter, salt, pepper and the sardines – crush with a fork until it forms a pâté like consistency. Step 2 Cut a thin-ish slice of bread and put in the toaster – don’t cook to grill… just to warm the bread! Step 3 Spread the sardine over the warm bread… And voilà! You could always serves this with a salad or in a jacket potato instead of spreading on toast!!!