La Gourmandise?

gourmandize – ˌgʊəm(ə)nˈdiːz,ˈgɔː-/
verb: gourmandise
  1. a love of and taste for good food
noun:  gourmandise
  1. the appreciation or consumption of good food.

If anyone decides to look at the direct translation of the word Gourmandise then perhaps  they’ll be up for a disappointment. Gourmandise translates as gluttony which is such a shame as I believe to be one of my favourite French words, so I believe we should adopt this in the English language 🙂

Gourmandise is one of those beautiful words that makes you salivate at just the thought of it, a sweet macaroon served with a lovely glass of Sauternes, a cold Sunday afternoon with a roaring fire, a large Cappuccino – a very large glass of red wine and huge plate of cheese ornated with dates, seasonal pears, pecan and warm crusty Campagnard bread.

Gourmandise is an evening in front of a great romantic comedy, a warm blanquette and a trusty bowl of macaroni and cheese.

Gourmandise is a selection of Bruschetta, Kalamata olives, a fine selection of dips, fresh summer vegetables with a chilled glass of blush Côtes de Provence.

Gourmandise is that lovely feeling we feel when the scent of cinnamon, fresh coffee or Sunday roast decides to tease our vulnerable nostrils…

…Now close your eyes and think of that naughty little habit, which is completely harmless, that sinful habit that you never stop to repeat, that moment you cherish and keep close to your heart. This is what I call Gourmandise.

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